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The role of storage cage

Storage cage, also known as the storage cage, butterfly cage, is a very important type of logistics container for storage and transportation. It has the advantages of fixed storage capacity, neat storage, clear storage, inventory counting and other advantages, but also improves the effective utilization of storage space . Storage cage can be folded freely, when not in use can also be folded storage, saving storage space.

Storage cage, with a fixed storage capacity of goods, neatly stacked, stored at a glance, to inventory and other advantages of inventory, but also improve the effective utilization of storage space. In addition, the product is durable, easy to transport, can be reused, can effectively reduce the human resource storage business and packaging costs. This product can be used not only in the factory floor, but also in supermarkets as a display promotion and warehousing, and outdoors. Improved storage cage can be put on the shelf, assembly line, but also stacking: storage cage with wheels in the workshop convenient and quick turnover, storage cage with PVC plate or iron plate to prevent missing small pieces.

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